National Coronavirus Hotline Launching in California

Coronavirus is a highly contagious infection and thousands of people have succumbed to it. Everyone is at risk of contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the best way to protect yourself and your family is to avoid or slow the spread of the infection.

National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH)

National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH) is an online service created to provide easy access to free medical and mental health services and information to reduce the spread of Coronavirus infection. National Coronavirus Hotline is run by Pandemics Project Inc., a community project in San Francisco led by LiveEdu Inc. The community project is focused on pandemics and healthcare. NCH is building a scalable software infrastructure for governments, states, counties and private foundations to deliver services to people in a traceable, lean and cost-efficient way.

Services Available from National Coronavirus Hotline:

Telemedicine. Jump on a video call with Coronavirus doctors from the comfort, safety, and convenience of home. Assess symptoms, determine if a COVID test is needed, and get medical advice on how to take care of anyone in the household who is sick.

Mental Health Service. Talk with licensed mental health professionals from the safety of home. Stress, worry, and anxiety are normal feelings during these uncertain times. People may be feeling depressed, lonely, uncertain or afraid. It’s important to care for mental health as much as physical health, and a licensed therapist can help.

Disinfection Service. If someone has positively tested for Coronavirus, they can book a free professional disinfection service to disinfect their home. Professional disinfection is an important step to kill Coronavirus that have been introduced to the home. Disinfection slows the spread.

Education for Infected Patients. Has anyone in the household been diagnosed with Coronavirus? NCH provides access to news, advice, content, and tips from public health and medical experts on managing symptoms, limiting the spread of the virus to others, and quarantining correctly.

Prevention Education. Everyone wants to avoid contracting Coronavirus. Know what steps to take to protect everyone in the family from infection. Review tips, direction, and best practices from public health experts, always free of charge.

Track Infection Cases. Living in a Coronavirus hot spot? Use NCH to track a city’s COVID cases. Stay up to date about the risk in the community in order to take appropriate steps to protect everyone in the family.

National Coronavirus Hotline is for EVERYONE, and services are FREE of charge to eligible users. There are four layers of eligibility for free services on NCH depending on whether a person is a U.S. citizen, a Non-U.S. citizen with a green card, a Non-U.S. citizen with a visa, or Undocumented. The type of funding NCH has available at a particular period for providing these services determines who is eligible for free services.


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